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Automotive driveline parts, drive shaft services, & auto springs supplier for Southwest Michigan in Kalamazoo Michigan and the greater Kalamazoo area including Portage MI, Battle Creek MI, Jackson MI, Ann Arbor MI, Detroit MI, Grand Rapids MI, Lansing MI, Flint MI, & Pontiac MI.

Martin Spring and Driveline has been serving South West Michigan for over 38 years. We specialize in Drive Shafts, U-Joints, Slip Yokes, Differential Components, Axle Shafts and all other custom work. Please call with any questions and have one of our skilled technicians assist you.


Driveline Services

Drivelines are components of the power train of a vehicle. They are usually positioned between the transmission and the differential. Drivelines also consist of the drive shaft, and the universal joint generally. Driveline components can also consist of the drive axels, shafts, and flexible joints. All of these factors go into what makes a driveline function the way it does. They are critical for the ease of use of the car. When the driveline is working correctlythe vehicle will maintain its reliability, which is something the majority of drivers need.

Drivelines might be known to most as powertrains, or drivetrains. There are different types of these devices, depending on whether the vehicle is front wheel, four wheel, or rear wheel drive. They will even be unique for the less common six wheel or eight wheel drive. These drivelines are not just common for cars. They are also an important device in motorcycles, locomotives, and marine transportation.

Drivelines are not entirely visible, making it the hero behind the curtain. However, without the driveline, the vehicle doesn’t move since it connects the transmission to the axels. The interesting part about these devices, is that a driveline itself is often a small part of the vehicle. Many people would not think that such a small mechanism basically is the driving force of a well maintained, functioning car.

So what happens when a driver gets into his or her vehicle, is about to turn out of the spot its parked in, and the vehicle cannot function the way it is supposed to? That is where driveline services come in. There are companies nationwide that specialize in driveline services. At these companies, there are a team of qualified professionals on staff to fulfill the needs of frustrated drivers to fix the driveline in their vehicle. Many people would think that they could bring their damaged driveline to their local mechanic, however, it is very common that they are not able to fix the destruction that was inflicted to this important device. Nonetheless, drivers can bring their car to their local car mechanic so they can diagnose the problem. If they are not able to fix the problem, they can recommend a driveline service near them.

Before the vehicle undergoes the maintenance, and the mechanic is issued for the driveline service repair, car owners could pick up their own drive shaft. There are many outlets online, and could be available with your driveline service repair professional as well. This is not recommended, since drivers could purchase the wrong drive shaft or driveline for their vehicle. The qualified mechanics working on your vehicle will guide drivers in the right direction when conducting the required driveline service on the car.

Driveline services are specialized services for the driveline, or driveshaft, in a vehicle. They are very important companies dealing with the small, put powerful, device in the car. If something feels off as the vehicle is working, take it to get inspected. This will help the vehicle continue to function properly and be as reliable as it was right from the beginning.

Lift Kits

After market modifications come in many shapes and sizes and are a way for us to personalize our vehicles or for practical uses with trucks such as work or other reasons that a lift kit may be necessary to add to a truck.

There are 2 types of lift kits that can be used on a vehicle the use of a body lift kit or the use of suspension lift kits in this case we perform suspension lifts. With a suspension lift kit installation enabling you to install bigger tires that may be useful for you depending on your hobbies and or work load. Lift kits can make your vehicle perform to fit your needs however, there are things that you should know about installing a lift kit on your truck or vehicle.

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We are a leading manufacturer and supplier for driveline components and automotive springs in Southwest Michigan and take pride in our extensive knowledge on providing the best products to our customers.


Custom Work

We are also able to provide custom work for those who may need a specific part created outside of our extensive product line. We can work with you one on one to get the part completed to spec and make sure you get what you are looking for. Just contact us directly and we can get started on your custom work order today!

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