Axle Shaft Replacement

We offer axle shaft replacement services including foreign and domestic vehicles, farm equipment, and semis.
We are one of the premier axle shaft replacement shops in the Kalamazoo Michigan area with a history of axle shaft repair and replacement

Axle Shaft Replacement

The vehicles we drive are made up of thousands of working and non working parts, 2 of those are the drive shafts and the axle shafts. Both shafts are part of your vehicles drive train but, they serve very different purposes. Drive shafts rotate to enable your vehicle to move or to create motion where axle shafts are to support rotating wheels.

Axle shafts are what connect to your gears in your differential and are the part of your vehicles mechanical parts that make aid in your wheels to rotate enabling the vehicle to move or work like a vehicle should. Your engine transfers power to your transmission which then moves the driveshaft then the drive shaft of your vehicle rotates which then rotates the wheels on the vehicle and it all works together seamlessly. Without axle shafts your vehicle will not function or move properly. Here at Martin Spring we can replace your axle shafts with new ones to ensure your vehicle will stay in motion and working safe and sound.

Common Indicators

  • Loud clicking noise in the back or front of the vehicle when making turns
  • Grease on the inside edges of your tires
  • Vibration when driving
Axle Shaft Replacement

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