Leaf Spring Replacement

We offer leaf spring replacment services including foreign and domestic vehicles
We are one of the premier leaf spring replacement shops in the Kalamazoo Michigan area with a history of leaf spring repairs on all types of vehicles.

Leaf Spring Replacement

A leaf springs are a component of your vehicles suspension and or lift kit installation. Leaf springs are usually one or several thin strips of metal that sit on top of each other that form a single curved piece. the leaf springs slide over one another to help in absorbing your vehicle’s weight while going over bumps and or obsticles. The functions of leaf springs is to support your vehicles, absorb impact, and allow movement upon turning or around curves. Leaf springs are attached to the body or frame of your vehicle and the wheel or axle assembly is attached to the middle of the springs. Leaf springs are also needed to aid in spreading heavy loads and for suspension designs that have solid axles rather than independent suspensions. Leaf springs are appropriate for trucks and other heavy vehicles and are not as useful in smaller vehicle such as cars. Leaf springs are now found primarily on trucks, vans, SUVs, and trailers.

If you feel as if you need new leaf springs or you need a leaf spring replacement you might want to bring your vehicle in so that we can inspect your leaf springs in your suspension system or your lift kit installations. We can assess your issues or determine if you may need a leaf spring replacement in your suspension system.

Leaf Spring Replacement

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