Slip Yoke Replacement

We offer slip yoke replacment services including foreign and domestic vehicles
We are one of the premier slip yoke replacement shops in the Kalamazoo Michigan area with a history of slip yoke repairs on all types of vehicles.

Slip Yoke Replacement

Slip Yokes is part of your drive shaft assembly and part of the drive line. The slip yoke is what allows the drive shaft to flex or slip and are necessary in allowing the u-joints to rotate with the drive shaft. Slip Yokes come in many sizes and the dimensions are different per vehicle. Slip yokes require lubrication and lack of lubrication or dirty lubricants can cause problems with your driveline and will cause problems and or damage to your driveline system.

Vehicles have 2 slip yokes the front driveshaft yoke which connects to your transmission and the rear driveshaft flange is connected to your differential. Without your slip yoke the drive shaft wouldn't be able to move or flex properly when hitting bumps or other obstacles which would cause your driveshaft to become bent which would in turn cause other issues in your driveline as well as your front and rear wheel assemblies over time this will also end up costing you more money in the long run if these issues are not addressed.

We can ensure that your vehicle gets a proper slip yoke replacement and ensure that your driveline is functioning properly.

Slip Yoke Replacement

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